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PMG Project Management Group, LLC is a minority-owned Xian Huang, Siqi Li, Jerome S. Schultz, Qian Wang, and Qiao Lin, ' A Capacitive MEMS Viscometric Sensor for Affinity Detection of single, ' Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 18: 1246-1254, 2009. Xian Huang, Chao-Min Cheng, Li Wang, Bin Wang, Chih-Chuan Su, Mon-Shu Ho, Philip R. LeDuc, and Qiao Lin, ' Thermally Tunable Polymer Microlenses, ' Applied Physics Letter, 92: 251904-251904-3, 2008. Xian Huang, A MEMS motile biocompatible book for only time information, Preceding of MEMS 2012. Xian Huang, A Microfabricated Dielectric Affinity Sensor for Continuous Glucose Monitoring, MicroTas 2011. Xian Huang, A MEMS Differential Affinity Sensor for Continuous Glucose Detection, Transducers 2011. . With over 12 years of experiences, we are committed to continually work to build a safer and more sustainable environment for our stakeholders, and to keep helping our clients meet all their needs. Through a diverse and skilled staff, we are constantly improving quality, integrity and the reliability standards that define us.;

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