Project title: New Forest Lift Station

Project Owner: New Forest MUD District

Service: Construction Services

Market(s): Public Facilities

Project Scope: PMG furnished all plant, labor, material and equipment for a new Sanitary Lift Station. The scope of work includes: Construction of 8� Dia. Wet Well; 120 LF of 12� Dia. DIP Sanitary Sewer; 135 LF of 8� Force Main; 150 FT of 1� Dia. Water Line; Pipe Submersible Pumps; Control Panels and related Electrical work; 350 SY of Concrete Pavement and Concrete Slabs; Site work, seeding and 8� Cedar Fence; Protective Coating for Submerged and Above Ground Piping, pumps and valves.

Project Start: Jun 2011

Project End: Dec 2011

Project Manager: Jovanni Castilla

Project Budget: $480K